You’re Not an Imposter

Have you ever realized you were living behind the curtains of reality because you were unable to believe your accomplishments were actually happening to you? Have you ever been unable to truly own your job title with confidence? Have you ever felt like you were fooling everyone around you because you felt inadequate? 

If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ then chances are you have experienced imposter syndrome. Don’t worry, it’s not a chronic illness and you don’t need to call your doctor. It’s a frame of mind. An inability to feel success even when evidence of success exists (according to Google). A chronic feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt. I used to have these feelings almost every single day when I was managing a physical therapy clinic.I would constantly wonder why the heck they chose me for this job; why was I the one entrusted to run this clinic and treat all of these patients day in and day out when there were obviously more qualified candidates than myself. Sound familiar to anyone? I know my husband went around and around with these imposter syndrome thoughts when he first started his job here in Colorado. When you’re surrounded by the best in your profession it is so easy to feel like you don’t belong even when you are now one of those people. I feel this some days even as a mom; you see all of these “perfect” moms on social media and you start to feel like you aren’t doing the mom thing “right”. Completely silly, but it’s easy to let those feelings in on the rough days. 

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I went to a blogging conference a week ago, and we had this fabulous speaker (Kari Knutson) who really connected with everyone in the audience when she talked about all the ways imposter syndrome emerges. Most of us have been there (except the few perpetually self-confident but humble people out there whom I aspire to be). When someone asks me what I do (besides being a mom), I can barely get the words “I’m a blogger” out most of the time because I feel like an imposter in this world that is full of highly successful people. I’m trying to get rid of that mentality though because you know what? I created this blog from scratch (well, with the help of a template). I created a name, content, recipes, and ultimately a brand for myself from nothing but an idea a couple of years ago. Pretty cool. It’s my business, and I need to own that. As I was handing out my business cards at the conference I got a burst of confidence, and it felt empowering. Now, when I feel unsuccessful in this crazy competitive blogging world I ask myself, “Why not me?”. Why can’t I be one of those successful ones also?

So there you have it. Why not you? Own your strengths, accomplishments, and abilities because you deserve the credit. Next time you’re doubting yourself, stand up tall and say in the mirror, “I am a _____ (blogger, entrepreneur, great mom, successful person, etc)” and shake off the self-doubt inside you. 


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