To the Holiday Moms

As I was walking through Target the other day, I looked around and realized that the majority of people in there (at 10 AM on a Thursday) were moms with little ones in tow, looking frazzled yet content as their kids were bouncing up and down, amazed by the Christmas decorations. I looked at my own kids who were doing the same, and I realized that we’re all trying to do one thing: make the holiday season magical for our families. As a Mom I feel like it is my sole purpose to make my kids happy, and this time of year that feels extra important because these traditions and memories will hopefully last them a lifetime. So, as I sit here writing this blog because I am procrastinating many other things, I wanted to let all the moms out there know that I see you and I feel you as we try to tackle the chaos and find peace this holiday season. 

Here’s my Ode to the Holiday Moms: 

To all the moms who have already threatened their kids 147 times since Halloween that Santa won’t come if they aren’t good.

To all the moms who are trying to do this holiday thing on a budget when their shopping list is 50 people long. 

To all the moms who just want to find the “perfect” gift for everyone they care about. 

To all the moms who are trying to make their homes look like they are straight out of a magazine when in reality they are surrounded by Pinterest fails. 

To all the moms who are working on an elaborate Thanksgiving meal with no help, and they have already made 15 trips to the grocery store because they keep forgetting things when all they really want to do is eat the 12 dozen cookies they just made. 

To the working moms who just want to spend time with their kids but work parties, shopping, and other “must-do’s” keep getting in the way.

To the stay-at-home moms who would be willing to pay a babysitter just so she wouldn’t have to go shopping with her kids again because saying “please don’t touch that” one more time might make her head explode. (But she also feels guilty for saying that because she misses her kids so much when she doesn’t have them in tow.)

To the moms whose husband keep asking what she wants for Christmas, and she truthfully doesn’t know because her mind is full of everyone else’s Christmas lists. 

To the moms who are putting on a happy face even though they are engulfed in sadness or loss.

To the moms who are trying to teach their kids the real reason for the season and instill a love of giving in them from a young age (except her kids want to play with all the toys they are supposed to donate, and she’s pretty sure they don’t understand any of what she is teaching. Someday.) 

To the moms who are packing for holiday trips. I know you’re drowning in kids’ clothes, your clothes, dog treats, pumping supplies, kid snacks, baby food, toys, books, and on and on. Someone somewhere appreciates it, I promise. 

To the moms who gritted their teeth through family photos, and are now trying to put together the “perfect” holiday card with the intention to get them sent out early this year when we all know they will turn into “Happy New Year” cards. 

And to the moms we all are underneath the go-go-go this time of year: the mom who remembers that her kids are happy when she is. So take a step back and know that your kid is just as happy with the wrapping paper tube as he is with a present, and your Christmas card will be on someone’s refrigerator for one month and then tossed, and if you serve enough wine at Thanksgiving no one will care how the food tastes anyway. 

Cheers to you moms! You’re doing the best you can, and it’s more than enough (just ask your little one). 💕

📷: BeFree Moments Photography (2017)

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