Friday Free For All: Second Edition

Thought of the Week: I didn’t want to dedicate a whole blog post to the coronavirus because news about it is EVERYWHERE, and I’m sure we all need a break. I did, however, want to take a minute to address the fact that Colorado is the third most paranoid state in terms of inventory of goods being bought up (ie toilet paper, medicines, food, etc). When my husband told me that earlier this week, I unfortunately could believe it because even the pallet of Spam was almost gone from Costco last weekend. Of note, Colorado did not even have any confirmed cases of the virus until yesterday. To top the week off, my husband and I found out that a trip we were going to take at the end of the month through his work has been indefinitely postponed because his company pretty much shut down any work related travel for the foreseeable future, so that stinks.

I don’t want to dwell on this too much longer but I do want to say that I appreciate everyone taking precautions, but the responsible thing to do is to only buy things necessary for your household for a reasonable amount of time. Leave supplies for others as well, especially those who actually need hand sanitizer, wipes, and other disinfecting products such as people who are immunocompromised. Oh, and wash your hands like you should be doing anyway, and don’t go to a public place if you can help it if you or your kids are sick. Off of soap box.

Weekly Outing: Man is has been a beautiful week here in Colorado. Our big weekly adventure was going to the zoo! I had never taken the two boys by myself, so it was a mom confidence booster for me. I met one of my good friends and her little boy there so I did have an extra set of hands, but I was without my kids’ other “authority figure”. We bought a yearly pass last May, and I am so thankful we did. We only had to go 3 times to make our money back on it, and we have surpassed that by at least 3 visits. I know season passes for things seem like a lot up front, but you usually do end up getting your money’s worth plus it is so nice to not have to stand in a ticket line every time with my kids. At the Denver Zoo, members also save on train rides and food. R will turn 3 this summer though, so he will start costing meaning we will have to buy a family pass versus a 2 adult pass. Another milestone at the zoo: R tackled going to the bathroom in a public bathroom for only the second time since potty training. Woot woot! We might’ve been the ones crying in the stall for 10 minutes, but he was so brave and did it!

Favorite Thing: I have been trying to wean G off bottles and onto sippy cups. Some of the cups we used with R are just a little too fast flowing for G right now. My friend let me borrow her Boon silicone sippy cup lid that fits most cups snuggly, and G has loved it. It leaks a little little bit, but nothing that causes me to have a mom meltdown. It’s also very nice that I don’t have to have a specific cup handy. I’ve been putting it right over our Comotomo bottles, and I love that it has allowed for a gradual transition for G. Here’s the link if you want to check them out! (Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate so if you buy directly from this link, it will not cost you anything extra but I will make a small commission.)

Click on the Image to go to Amazon

I hope you all had a great week! Thanks for sharing my weekly thoughts and adventures with me. 💕

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