Find Your Balance

I’ve been in a funk this week if I’m being totally honest. We’ve been very busy, but I’ve felt bored when there is NOTHING boring about my life right now. You know what the most ridiculous thing is? I figured out my issue from a Daniel Tiger song 🎶 “Enjoy the Wow that’s happening now.” Yes, that’s what it is. I am so consumed sometimes by the next activity, trip, etc. that I completely disconnect from the day to day awesomeness. I keep trying to find something to “look forward to” when I should be looking forward to the next 5 minutes when my kids are doing cute and funny things or my husband does something sweet or I take 5 minutes to eat a piece of chocolate.

I feel like it was a day of epiphanies because right after I heard that Daniel Tiger song, I was scrolling Instagram (as usual) and I saw a chart about things that drain you and things that fill you up. It really struck me because I realized that maybe my balance is off. Maybe I’m focusing too much on the drainers and less on the fillers, so I made my own chart. You know what I found? It’s true. There are many awesome things happening around me every day but I get fixated on the things that drain me instead. I need to find my balance. I encourage you all to jot down the things in your life that fill you up and drain your cup. I’ve posted a blank chart if you want to do this! 💕

If you want a blank copy you can right click on it below to save or print! 🖨

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